Richard Hittleman – Yoga For Health TV Series is a labor of love keeping Richard Hittleman’s seminal TV series “Yoga For Health”, featuring Cheryl and Lyn, available to the general public. Each program has been restored and remastered to the extent possible. While the original footage is many decades old and imperfections remain, the content is timeless. Each DVD has five programs, and each program is roughly 25 minutes long (more than two hours of yoga instruction per DVD!). The complete 6 DVD set includes all 30 programs that were ever recorded.
Richard Hittleman Yoga For Health TV series
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Richard Hittleman – Yoga For Health

Thank you for your interest in Richard Hittleman’s “Yoga For Health” featuring Cheryl and Lyn!

Richard Hittleman Cheryl stretching

22 thoughts on “Richard Hittleman – Yoga For Health TV Series

  1. I remember watching this program on PBS many years ago.

    1. I did yoga watching him on T V every morning my favorite relaxation pose from his first 28 day book, it took a few tries before I was able to do it correctly I then bought his book published in 1969 ( 28 days, Unfortunally I lost the book but the one I purchased later had everything in it except the corpse Pose. I need to find Mr hittleman book with the corpse pose, can anyone help me? Find where to buy his first 28 day book Thanks in advance.

      1. Hello Princella,

        We were happy to find that certain library networks still have copies of Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day exercise plan, so you might want to try your local library network. There are also used copies of it on Amazon for not very much money. Perhaps you could contact the seller before you buy it to be sure it has the corpse pose.

        We hope this is helpful!

        Wishing you health and peace,

  2. I used to do yoga with Richard (on TV) at 6:30 a.m. in 1965 in L.A. Co. Have never forgotten him nor his methods. Still have his 28-day exercise plan book.

    1. I am a big fan of Mr Hittleman as well. His 28 day yoga has helped me tremendously as I unknowingly worked through having 3 fractures in my vertebra. Had many x-rays made through the yrs but only recently found them. I just had surgery on on the lumbar and I need that book lol. I’ve lost my copy and havnt been able to work (awaiting disability). I would greatly appreciate a list of the 3 days of it wouldn’t be too much trouble. Thank you for considering it. robertbragg357 [at] gmail [dot] com thanks agin

      1. I have been looking for this set of DVD’s a long time. In my searching I have found many sources of the 28 day book, and some other books as well.

        This is the book you asked about
        Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan

        It’s at google books give it a try.

      2. If you look it up on amazon, you can click on the look inside and it will show you most of the three day plan.

      3. There are free downloads on the 28-day yoga book all over the net. Search for: hittleman_yoga_28_day.pdf

        The best to you.

  3. I was SO excited to find Richard Hittleman’s DVD’s! I used to watch the TV show as a child and have thought of his teachings all my life. What a blessing to be able to revisit him and to realize he was truly my first Awakened Teacher. Thank you for making these available to us All.

  4. I was a teenager and I remember being in New York and waking up early in the morning in the late 70s to do yoga with Richard. I will always felt good afterwards.

  5. Thank you!

  6. This series started me studying yoga in 1972 at 7:00pm televised from the University of Georgia every night. For six years I was an ardent student until moving to Chicago in 1980 and could no longer find Richard Hittleman’s tv presentations. I am thrilled to get a copy of these videos! Have several books but video is much better.

  7. Watching it after how many years? Since then yoga has become so commercial, it’s like adding a lot of sugar to make something taste good. This was so pure and so raw and so almost innocent. It made me feel like I was going back in time and taking the original notes on what helped me first awaken my mind, my body and my spirit. It also made me appreciate that I discovered him way back then. I felt like I had been missing his teachings all these years. With all the money spent in health clubs, gyms, on fads, fancy yoga clothing, this seems so real and unadulterated.

  8. I can’t believe I can finally(!) get the DVD by the finest yoga teacher…at last. Many many moons ago I was introduced to yoga by this master. I am thrilled. I agree with “Lena” …. so true.

  9. Thanks for restoring Richard hittleman’s yoga programs. I am looking forward to practicing yoga with him again.

  10. Hi, I’m so pleased to have found these DVDs from these old programmes, I used to love watching them. Do they work on English TV?

    1. Hi Maureen- Yes, our DVD’s work with English DVD players. They are not region specific, so they will work on DVD players from any country. Thanks for your interest in “Yoga For Health”!

  11. Like most of the others who have commented, I too was first introduced to yoga through Mr Hittleman. I was a busy young mother but took time out to do yoga with his show every day. My children even started participating in it with me! Mr Hittleman made a great impact on my life. I have never forgotten him after all this time. I appreciate you making these DVD’s available to us all. Thank you!

  12. I came across Richard Hittleman’s yoga show on PBS, around 1979 and started practicing daily with the show. I’ve tried many different practices since then, but I still return to his book frequently.

  13. I remember my Mom following the Richard Hittleman’s TV Series. I was little, and watching her do the asanas later in the day was beautiful.
    Of course,,,I began to try some,,,, I happened to be very limber and loved the feeling of the Yoga Asanas.
    My Mom & I practiced together. A true joyful time we shared.
    Many years later,, I still practice ‘with’ Mr. Hittleman…..
    I have gotten other books,,,,honestly,,I think everything in Richard Hittleman’s books and the series of specialty pamphlets are really all I need.
    I have gotten one set of this DVD series,,,,, ( have them also on VHS for way back! )….
    and am getting another set of the DVD Series as a spare!!
    Mr. Hittleman is a gift,,,one to cherish,,,
    I hope to see the Pamphlet Series brought back on here,,,, Please bring them back in Print….I will buy several of the entire sets.

    I am also still trying to get his older book,,,, The Busy Person’s Guide to Physical Fitness,,,if you know any way I can get a copy,,,PLEASE PLEASE please help me get it also……
    Gratefully yours,,,,love & Peace,,,, Om Shanti…. Doris Jeanne Ferriere

  14. After reading all these comments I too am
    So very glad to be able to get the full set
    In 1970 after having my first child my Son
    Dylan who is now 45 I started watching Mr.
    Hurtle mans show! Not only did I lose weight But I improved my knowledge about
    Nutrition. I watched and practiced for many
    Years and purchased the VHS tapes!

  15. I never knew Richard Hittleman had a show. . .I was in high school when I stumbled upon the 28 day program book. . .I saw the results, then, and always wanted to pick it back up. Now at 52 I’m ready to start anew. . .I recommend it. . .if you take the time and work through the routines, it’s well worth it and I look forward to seeing the effects in the near future. . .my life depends on it!!

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